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Everyone needs to be aware of the evolution of their skills:

~ clients are and will be more and more demanding ~

In order to meet their expectations, more or less fluctuating, performance is required in the most strict sense possible.

Quality of service is particularly important for many reasons.

Factors that determine the importance of service quality:

~ not only clients are more demanding, but competition between firms is manifested in an increasingly tough way;

~ satisfying customer requirements has a considerable impact on the company’s business results and on its viability; ~ sales of services are a dynamic element of economic activities – we are in the age of services;

That’s why we’re committed to responding to your requirements as quickly as possible, giving you the fastest speed and seriousness of the test, at the highest standards!


Candidate services


Job Agency CTN gives you the full chance to make a career in the cruise industry or to get a job abroad, according to the professional experience you have.

There are just a few simple steps you have to follow …

First of all, you need to register using the online application form posted on the nose site. Please note, if your CV is not complete (e.g., the address is not specified or birthplace etc.), there is a great possibility that your application will not be considered. As soon as your application is received, one of the consultants We will be contacted only if you match the selection criteria of the job you have chosen.

Job Agency CTN does not guarantee you a job, we will only recommend your person to potential future employers. The final decision belongs to the employer. There are a lot of experienced candidates, and usually an employer likes to browse through several applications before to make a decision. You do not have to lose hope if you are not accepted from the start. Now you are in standby. There are many changes during a season. Some employees do not follow their contract for a variety of reasons. and there will be “windows”: then there is a second chance and we will recommend you again.

Finally, if you are accepted for the job you wanted, a telephone interview could take place, but not necessarily. An electronic contract will be issued on your behalf, or you will sign a contract with the employer in your employer’s country .All additional information, such as the job descriptions you have just obtained, general rules of workplace conduct, departure information, will be sent to you at the appropriate time by the employer.Translations of these documents will be If you are required to have medical examinations, you will be directed to the centers that deal with this. Before you leave, you will receive a brief instruction on the job you have obtained from the employer’s perspective. impose.

Job Agency CTN offers you the opportunity to find the cheapest and safest way to travel to your destination if transport is not provided by your employer. Accomodation and meals are usually borne by employers, but there are exceptions when the employee has to care for their own needs. If you have relevant experience in a particular field, do not hesitate to contact us to offer you the best solution for your career.


Business services 


Job Agency CTN can help you find the right candidate for your company. Our team perfectly understands your needs and expectations, so we are trying to offer you an efficient and competitive service, focusing on developing a long-lasting collaboration relationship. Over time , we have managed to be triumphant in building a rich database of clients, all of whom are professionally tested. In collaboration with our partners, we are always prepared to personally recommend you for the jobs you have. How it works … The first step is to recommend eligible people according to your selection criteria. If you decide on an applicant, you will get in direct contact with him and set all the details of the employment.

Job Agency CTN will ensure that the candidate will reach the destination of the job in optimal transport conditions and over time.

Job Agency CTN offers complete services for applicants such as guidance and consultancy to obtain the medical visas required by a future employer (on request), consultancy for organizing the travel bileter to the destination of the workplace at the best cost.