Job Agency CTN…maximum seriousness,


Everybody has to be aware of the evolution of abilities:

-clients are,and they will be increasingly exigent.

For the satisfaction of their needs,more or less fluctuant,it is enforced to come to performance.

Not only the clients are more exigent,even between the companies the competition is increasingly hard.

The gratification of clients requirements has a great impact about the economichal effect of the firm and about the viability of it.

The capital gains represents a dynamic element of the economichal activity.We find ourself in the “age of services”.

Therefore we propose ourself to answer your requirements,as soon as possible,we will attest you that you will find premptitude and maximum seriousness at high standards.


Services for candidates


Job Agency CTN offers you the full chance to make a career in the Cruiseline Industry or to get a job abroad,according to your professional experience.

There are few simple steps that you have to follow…

First you have to register with us,by using the online registration form posted on our website,or by sending an complete CV at the email adress

Attention,if your CV is not complete, do not have the adress specified,or place of birth etc.,there is a big possibility that your resume is not taken in consideration.As soon your application will be received,one of our agent is going to analyse it.You will be contacted just in case you are suitable for the position you applied for.

Interviews are going to be at our office or, depending the situation,they could be online.

Job Agency CTN does not guarantee you a job after passing the interview with our agent.The final decision belongs to the employer.There are a lot of experienced candidates,and usually every employer would like to check more resumes before making a selection.

You do not have to loose your hope if you are not going to be accepted from the first time.You are now in standby.There are a lot of changes during a season.Some of the crewmembers do not complete their contracts,from different reasons.There will be openings also during this period.

Finally,if you will be accepted by the employer for the job you applied for,it could take place an phone interview,but not defenceless.An electronic contract will be issued on your name.All additional informations like job description,general rules,departure details,wil be sent to you at the right time,after you will sign the contract.Translations of this documents will be provided for you if needed.If medical reports are required,you will be directed.Also before leaving you will get a short training about the life on board.

Job Agency CTN can offer you the best solution for providing the cheapest travel method,untill the destination,if the travel taxes are not paid by the employer.

Accomodation and meals are the most of the times provided,but there are cases where the employee will have to take care for his own needs.

If you have relevant experience in a field,please do not hesitate to contact us,so that we can find the best solution for your career.


Services for companies


Job Agency CTN can help you to find the best candidate for you.Our team understands perfectley your needs and expectations,thatswhy we are trying to give you an efficient and compettitive service,focusing on establishing long-term relationships.Our company has been successful in building a great database of clients,all of them being professionaly tested and ready to work for you!

In collaboration with our Partners we are allways ready to find and provide you quality people also in the following fields,as our main activity remains the recruiting of Restaurant and Hotel Staff:-agriculture jobs,cleaning,general workers,medical staff-nurses etc.

How it works… First we advertise the vacancies for you, on special internet sites-forums, mass-media etc. We organize a preselection and than an interview with one of our agents, depending the field of work, position which candidate applies for.

Job Agency CTN check their references. We test also the language skills of the candidates.

Job Agency CTN also offer full-services for candidates, like medical reports, trainings, informations and tips about life on board, flight tickets in collaboration with our Romanian Partners.