Two young attractive women working as professional receptionists at a hotel

-(Co-)responsible for the entire front desk area;
-(Co-)responsible for the organisation and realis ation of efficient and smooth check-in and check -out procedures;
-(Co-)responsible for the implementation and maintaining of the RC
standards within the front desk department;
-(Co-)responsible for a correct flow of information on board;
-Assistance with the punc tual and correct realis ation of the on board printed menus;
-Settlement of all daily, per cruise or monthly returning administrative jobs asper RC directives;
-Co-responsible for the correct forwarding and filing of all purchas e orders from the hotel department in cooperation with the hotel manager;
-Generally relieving the Senior Receptionist* and Hotel Manager of administrative jobs;
-Active support in all departments a s per hotel managers’ directive;
-Co-responsible for the correct handling of all the equipment within the front desk area, especially all IT devices;
-Co-responsible for an impeccable cleanness, hygiene and tidiness at the front desk area;
-Co-responsible for active cost controlling and mainta ining budgets at the front desk;
-Entering data of inventories and their evaluation as per company’s instructions;
-Various preparatory duties prior to a s well as at the end of the season;
-Responsible for following up on pass engers’ requests handed to the front desk;
-Co-responsible for the correct administrative handling of the cashless system;
-Settlement of the accounts of sales of all outlets on board (Z readings);
-Preparation of the Night Auditor reports;
-Activ e presents at official occasions and events as per manual;
-Co-responsible for receiv ing and correct distribution of incoming;

-Professional experience on similar position is a must.