-Responsible for providing professional service of food and/or beverages of up to 20 passengers in a restaurant station or a part of the lounge;

-In charge of and co-responsibility for the cleaning of parts of the restaurant, back offices and workrooms as directed (side jobs);

-Co-responsible for the mise-en-place in the restaurant, as per directives of the Maître d’;

-Co-responsible for the cleaning of the restaurant glassware;

-Greeting of all passengers in the restaurant station at the beginning and end of every meal;

-Co-responsible for achieving and maintaining the RC standards in the restaurant- and bar department;

-Assistance with the loading of ship’s supplies;

-Co-responsible for the correct handling of all food stock, as well as all the equipment in the restaurant and bar department;

-Co-responsible for the checking, distribution and if necessary replacement of printed matter, floral and other decoration in the restaurant;

-Assistance with the taking of the restaurant inventory as per company’s directives;

-Participation in the onboard training program;

-Various preparatory duties prior to and at the end of the season;

-Active communication with passengers in the restaurant to obtain feedback, as well as to generate revenue by recommendation;

-Responsible for the daily cashing-up of their generated revenue;

-Assistance with F&B activities (cocktails, welcome- and farewell parties, afternoon tea etc.), as well as special functions;

-Cooperation with luggage handling if necessary, as per supervisor’s directives;

-Cooperation in other departments if necessary, as per supervisor’s directives;

-Professional experience on similar position is a must.