Chef de partie

Portrait of young male chef preparing spaghetti with colleague chopping carrots in kitchen

-Preparation and distribution of all daily meals including the set up of
the breakfast buffet according to food manual (menu cycle);
-Responsible for a section in the galley;
-Co-responsible for achieving and maintaining the RC standards and
budgets in the food department;
-Assistance to the Executive Chef in ordering food supplies;
-Assistance with the loading of ship’s supplies;
-Co-responsible for proper storing of all food and galley supplies and
-Co-responsible for the correct handling of all food stock, products and all equipment in the food department;
-Co-responsible for an impeccable cleanness, hygiene and tidiness in the galley area;
-Assistance with taking of galley inventory as per company’s directives;
-Participation in the onboard training program;
-Various preparatory duties prior to and at the end of the season;
-Regular presence in the restaurant at the buffets;
-Assistance in other departments if necessary, as per supervisor’s

-Professional experience on similar position is a must.